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We have received a few inquiries regarding our Christmas Concerts and what our plans are for this year. I have decided to go back to the beginning, so to speak, and hold our concerts this year in a much smaller venue. There are a number of reasons that I could share with you but I will spare you at this time.

As for the concerts, they will be more intimate. At the most, 90 people can be seated comfortably. The theater is owned by an acquaintance of mine from long ago, Tim Noah. The location will be at the Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater in Snohomish. The address is 1211 4th St. The dates will be December 18-21. All dates will include both an evening concert and a 2:00 matinee. For tickets, please go to

We aren't making a big deal about the concerts this year in regards to promotion. Frankly, there aren't enough seats to accommodate the number of people we have sold tickets to in the past.

Another big change this year is that we are now co-owners of a restaurant in Snohomish called "Andy's Fish House." It is very informal. I certainly don't show up in my tux when I go to the restaurant. I encourage you to check out the restaurant while you are in town. It is very small. If you are planning on eating there before or after the concet, reservations would be highly recommended. The phone number is (360) 862-0782. If you use Facebook, check out Andy's Fish House Facebook page.

We hope to see you in Snohomish for Christmas!

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Thanks so much for your support of our music!

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Bronn and Katherine with Camac harp
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