Bronn and Katherine Journey

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Bronn’s new CD for 2012 was a rerelease of a CD he originally recorded for Word Publishing in Canada in 1987. After all these years, there are still requests from our audiences for this album, so even though its an oldie, it’s a goodie! Click here to take a look…

Bronn posts to his Facebook page regularly. Its a great way to find out what is currently going on with Bronn and our music. Please join our Facebook page for the latest!

For 2013, Bronn is collaborating with Wesley Slover, our sound engineer, in producing a new album designed for meditation and relaxation. Bronn and Wesley call themselves CHISLON, and the album name is TREES. It is incredibly relaxing and a perfect accompaniment to your quiet times. You can call us to order it, or its available on itunes. Bronn has posted a YouTube video using one of the songs if you'd like to listen. Just click here.

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Bronn and Katherine with Camac harp
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